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Junaid Qaiser

Admin and Editor of PPP News Update


Twitter: @JunaidQaiser

Nosheen Patras

Co-Editor of PPP News Update


Twitter: @NoshenPatras


9 thoughts on “Contact us”

  1. please ask Mr.Faisal Raza abidi to lead the election campaign in Punjab because their speeches are v.influencing..I am From Lahore


  2. bilwal is a future of pakistan.ex sectary information rawalpindi pakistan tehreek insaf. on 11may gave vote for bilwal.i want to join ppp again.send member ship form to me.


    1. Mr. Zain Mehmood, you can easily join PPP by contacting your nearest party office or local organization. Kindly tell us where do you live and what do you do?

      Best Regards


  3. Salam
    I want to join Pakistan People Party i know PPP is great party and i am the big fan on of BB and Also Bhutto they are my leader so please give me procdure to joining PPP because i know i have very good political skills.


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