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پیپلزپارٹی نے ہمیشہ جمہوریت کے لیے قربانیاں دیں، (ن) لیگ والے سسٹم ڈی ریل کرناچاہتے ہیں


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Khursheed Shah protests against Ch. Nisar’s statement

ISLAMABAD: Opposition Leader in the National Assembly, Khursheed Shah on Monday said whether the federal government imposes governor rule, emergency or suspends assembly in Sindh, the ‘war’ (over extension of Rangers’ special powers) will prolong.

Speaking during the National Assembly session today, he said the Pakistan People’s Party (PPP) had never demanded handing over of Punjab province to Rangers.

Shah said he did not know on whose behest Interior Minister Chaudhry Nisar held the press conference “but one thing is certain Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif cannot shake off one pillar of the state like this”.

The PPP stalwart went on to say that the prime minister has suffered imprisonment and exile for democracy and his respected wife Begum Kulsoom Nawaz had to mobilize people in his absence while most of the people (from PML-N) remained in the comfort of their homes.

Lashing out at the interior minister, Shah said “any tees mar khan (bragger) will become goat from elephant within 15 days of any agency’s captivity”.

The opposition leader said the ‘third force’ benefits from infighting of democratic forces.

“When we call each other thieves then they come and say mere aziz ham watno (dear countrymen – a term usually associated to military dictators in Pakistan) you all are thieves,” he said without naming anyone or any institutions.

The PPP leader said they were sipping poison to avoid what he said had happened repeatedly in the country’s chequered democratic history. It will be difficult for Pakistan to bear the brunt of same mistake this time around, he added.

Khursheed Shah said he was waiting for Prime Minister Sharif to return home to resolve the issue.
Source: The News