I will not attend phone call of Nawaz Sharif, says Bilawal Bhutto Zardari

ISLAMABAD: Pakistan Peoples Party Chairman Bilawal Bhutto Zardari addressing a press conference on Friday said he would not attend the phone call of Nawaz Sharif if the former prime minister tried to make contact with him.

I will not make any contact with Nawaz Sharif, the PPP chairman said.

“We have never lent support to PML-N but have always helped democracy to sustain in the country,” he told reporters.

He said there is no threat to democracy and system but to Nawaz Sharif only.

Bilawal went on to say that Nawaz Sharif holds no ideology and just wanted to save him.

Speaking about the ex-PM’s rally, Bilawal said that Nawaz Sharif was leading his farewell rally.

It seems the former prime minister, despite being in the government, wanted to play the role of opposition; he said and added that we would not allow Nawaz Sharif to do so.

The PPP chairman took credit of raising the Panama issue before any other party.

He said that there should be no role of military and judiciary in the parliament.

He claimed that the PPP would form the next government.

He voiced hope that a new accountability law once come into force would be more effective than NAB.


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