PPP’s Javed Hussain wins GBLA-4 by-election

GILGIT: Pakistan Peoples Party (PPP) has won the by-election for Gilgit Baltistan Legislative Assembly (GBLA) constituency no. 4 in Hunza-Nagar, unofficial and unconfirmed results suggested Sunday.

PPP’s Javed Hussain secured 6,888 votes, followed by Islami Tehreek Pakistan (ITP) nominee Muhammad Baqar, who bagged 6,051 votes. Voting for the by-polls GBLA-4 Hunza-Nagar began at 8am and concluded at 5pm.

There are 18,505 registered voters in the constituency. The number of registered male voters is 10,018 and female voters 8,870 in the constituency.

A total of 40 polling stations were set up in the constituency; 20 for men, 16 for women and four combined.

The seat fell vacant in February 2017 after the demise of ITP’s Muhammad Ali Sheikh.


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