Sharif family will be punished for corruption: Senator Dhamra

Islamabad, 03 July, 2017: Pakistan Peoples Party Parliamentarians Senator Ajiz Dhamra has said that everyone knows the magnitude of corruption by Sharif family. Sharif family is making hue and cry over accountability because it is the first time they are put to test of accountability.
In a statement, Senator Ajiz Dhamra said that Sharif family was used to victimize political opponents in the garb of accountability in the past but now they are themselves facing real accountability. It is a matter of record that Shahbaz Sharif telephoned a judge asking him to give maximum punishment to Mohtarma Benazir Bhutto and Asif Ali Zardari. He said that Mohtarma Benazir was the real daughter of nation but Sharif family victimized her and implicated her family in false and concocted cases.

Senator Dhamra said that Sharif family had flee the country with the connivance of General Musharraf in the past but this time around will be apprehended soon and punished as well.


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